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Our team consists of a well-rounded team of professionals focused on our clients’ goals and building long-term relationships.  We appreciate how important these two concepts are to overall success, which is why we focus on how we can make our relationship stronger. 
E3 is focused on engaging, educating, and empowering, an approach that we have built as a team, leveraging our skills and extensive knowledge from our years of unique work experience. 

We believe it’s important to be prepared for the “what if?” moments and deliver guidance based on our clients’ overall financial goals and life plan.  We value our connection with our clients, and collaborate across all financial decisions.  We want our team to feel approachable, so you can feel like you can be direct, confident, and genuine during our work together.

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We believe planning is the most critical element to pursuing financial success. We operate under the philosophy that a well-developed, yet flexible financial plan is essential to providing an outstanding and relevant level of service to each and every client we serve.
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By the Numbers

Put simply, Stifel is a growing company. Since our founding in 1890, Stifel has grown to become one of the nation's largest wealth management firms, ranking No. 7 in terms of number of financial advisors.

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1890 The Year We Were Founded

and we're still going strong.

2,300 Financial Advisors

Our Private Client Group has more than 2,300 financial advisors. This makes Stifel the seventh largest full-service investment firm based on number of financial advisors.

As of December 31, 2022.